That’s right, Monroe was the first active player to openly advocate for the use of cannabinoids in the NFL for pain relief. But it seems that Goodell is not having it. Keep reading.

It’s very clear that we as spectators and fans don’t think about the severe punishment that our favorite NFL players put on their bodies each and every game of the season. We just want to see them go further, hit harder, and make that almighty touchdown. Not only are they in constant pain, but some of it can turn deadly.

The truth of the matter is that quite a few athletes have recently been diagnosed as suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) from constant head trauma. We just heard of extreme biker Dave Mirra’s CTE diagnosis before his suicide…and the Bill’s GM just told us that no human should be playing the sport.

What of the pain though? Currently, the only option is opioids. We all know what a major medical epidemic the US is dealing with regarding opioid abuse and addiction, well…why not opt for a better, less addictive, anti-inflammatory, and best of all neuroprotective option? According to NFL’s main man, Roger Goodell, until their doctors approve it, it’s a no go.

Check out Eugene’s struggle and what he’s doing to make a change at EugeneMonroe.com. Educate yourself.

Oh, and all hail the marijuana! The legal kind of course…medicinal. #IJS