Gotta love Inside the NBA, they give us our nightly, hilarious entertainment.  This time, we have Shaquille O’Neal explaining that bench players aren’t allowed to talk to the stars.

While discussing role players like Andre Roberson talking trash, Shaq said bench players couldn’t talk to him when he was a player.  He then specifically called out Tyronn Lue, who played with him on the Los Angeles Lakers and is now the head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Andre Roberson ain’t allowed to talk. Guys like that don’t talk. All that stuff he’s doing — no. … If he was on my team, I would say, ‘Don’t say nothing to me, man. Don’t say nothing to me.’ When I kick it to you … Everybody can’t talk except for the starting five, [Robert Horry], [Brian Shaw] and Rick Fox. Tyronn Lue couldn’t say nothing. Ruben Patterson couldn’t say nothing. No, man. C’mon, man.”

Shaq might’ve been joking around.. or not, but BallisLife dug up some pics of Shaq and Lue laughing it up on the team plane.

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