Looks like McDonald’s tried to hit the nail on the head on the creativity note with Angry Bird burgers. Not sure this was a good investment. They are now creating green and red burgers to fit the Angry Bird movie release.

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These food places are getting more and more creative when it comes to trying to attract attention to their food. KFC hit us with the edible nail polish, Pizza Hut tried to come up with beer infused Pizza crust, and now food colored burgers? Im not really a fan. This started with the McDonalds in China. The colorful burgers are available in two burgers, “The Naughty Green Pork Burger” which is a pork patty, fried egg, lettuce, jalapenos, and a mystery sauce and the “Super Red Burger” which is a double chicken sandwich with Louisiana-style hot sauce, a fried egg, and cheese. I guess we will leave the pretty patties to China. Other McDonalds are just sticking to the routine putting toys inside of the bag.

Source: Complex