IFWT_Joakim Noah PSA

The Chicago Bulls are coming off a very disappointing season after finishing 42-40, ninth in the eastern conference and missing the playoffs.  There’s been talks about possible trades and a shakeup in the team; however their longest tenured player and one they reportedly wanted to keep is flying the coop.  Now an unrestricted free agent, Joakim Noah has reportedly told teammates he’s done with the Bulls.

via Chicago Sun Times:

Noah has been telling teammates in recent weeks that he was done with the organization once free agency begins, and “has no trust in the front office getting this in the right direction,’’ according to a Bulls player.

What was offered up, however, was the notion that there seems to be a complete mistrust multiple players have toward general manager Gar Forman, with Noah leading that charge.

According to the player, former coach Tom Thibodeau was always able to shield the players from the front office, having them buy into the idea that it was “us against them.’’

However, Hoiberg was deemed a Forman hire, so that wall was very blurry.

A lot of guys aren’t about to hit the free-agent market, however. Noah is.

The 31-year-old is coming off one of his worst seasons since he came into the league as a rookie back in 2007, averaging just 4.3 points and 8.8 rebounds per game, before facing season-ending shoulder surgery after just 29 games.

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