Hip Hop made national news this week regarding a shooting that took place inside of Irving plaza before a scheduled hip hop performance. News broke and it shook the city , every one wanted to know and report updates as the story was unfolding. One was left died and three others were injured following the shooting and a lot of people have had a lot to say since then. Specifically, the NYC police commissioner who released a statement that did not sit to well with many and D.M.C of hit rap group Run D.M.C Thinks he should apologize for it.

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Following this weeks unexpected disaster NYC police commisioner William Bratton released this statement

“Rap artist who are basically thugs that basically celebrate the violence”

Well, after hearing that star of one of the top rap groups of all time Run-D.M.C feels Bratton should apologize to rappers who his words do not apply to, rappers such as Kendrick lamar , Will Smith And Chuck D. He says he should apologize to the rappers who came from the streets but have never put out anything negative or disrespectful to destroy the community. Legendary rapper Summed up by saying that

“Him as the commissioner saying it did so much damage and pushes hip-hop back, thats why he should apologize”