Something must have been in the water on Memorial Day, this is the second issue of domestic violence that we’ve heard of with athletes. The first was the NFL’s Cody Latimer, now the NBA.

In the earlier story the wife was the aggressor, but this time, it looks like it may have been Darren. A woman allegedly called the police around 1am on Monday claiming she’d been attacked. Once police arrived, they found a woman with “visible injuries”. Collison was booked for that along with two motor vehicle infractions for driving while suspended. What is it with the random warrants too?!?! Cody Latimer was only arrested because of an outstanding warrant. The wealthy don’t have to answer to their warrants until something else comes up?

Funny, Darren’s last post on Twitter was of his wife’s new blog.

My wife just started a new blog, check it out Asap! She’ll be posting once a week ChefKeyo.com

She made a post entitled “Bitterness” last week. I wonder if there’s any connection.

Anyway, Darren was released later on Memorial day on $55K bail. We don’t know the extent of his wife Keyosha’s injuries, but we do know that the Kings are aware and doing their own investigation. I smell a suspension of sorts.