Troy Ave
Our own(and Fox 5’s) Lisa Evers caught up with Ave’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, to ask some key questions in the case including IF the nypd is conducting a full and fair investigation, and that Ave is currently on Rikers in the infirmary resting. Troy will be in court again next Thursday.

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Earlier today news broke that not only did the police recover the gun that was used at Irving plaza in the vehicle that Troy owns, but that the guns were in a ‘stash spot’. DNA INFO, who reported this, also said Ave got into an argument with ‘someone who covers the rap industry’, BUT then go on to say Troy and Maino got into it, which Maino has fully denied, and if you know, that is ridiculous. Now Twitter has been talking about someone that ‘covers the rap industry’, which HipHopWired and Bossip used, but there is no actual confirmation as yet. Here’s What Ave’s Lawyer is saying;

So Troy’s lawyers need the help of people who were there and may have seen what actually happened, asking people to send an email to [email protected], for those that want to tell the truth but not deal with the NYPD.