IFWT_Shaq rasta

Shaquille O’Neal likes to get his acting on, so he used his talents to go undercover for Lyft.  He tricked a bunch of unsuspecting riders into believing he was a rasta, a soul brotha, a Frenchman, a biker, a hipster and a nerd.

The highlights via TMZ Sports:

— Shaq calls himself the greatest free throw coach ever and gives a mid-ride tutorial

— Shaq says “Kazaam” is the greatest movie ever made

— Shaq disses the ATL Hawks

— Shaq throws a hissy fit when a rider says her favorite Laker is Kobe

You gotta watch the clip — especially when Shaq does the whole “reveal.”

You buying that these people REALLY didn’t know the guy behind the wheel is one of the most recognizable people on Earth?  Also he’s 7’1…

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