Basically expect a lot of Kevin Durant free agency articles until he makes a damn decision.  But anyway here’s one more.  We all know Durant is more modest than others; when he signed his previous extension with OKC back in 2010, he did it very quietly.  This time around, although he’s not absolutely re-signing with OKC, he’s still not doing a long, drawn-out tour.  Woohoo, that means less of these articles.  But for now, read more about what he had to say…

On Wednesday during the Thunder’s postseason media availability, he had this to say:

Kevin, in March, there was a report that you were looking to be recruited and courted like LeBron James in free agency the way he was back two years ago, taking multiple visits to cities, listening to pitches. Is that what you want?

Durant: I never said that. That’s not who I am. Whatever this thing entails, I’m ready to take it head on, but I’m not that type of person. I mean, that’s not really — like I said, the two most important things for me is being around great people and having fun playing basketball. All that other stuff that comes with, being who I am and being in this position, it’s not really what I’m concerned with. So I never said that, obviously. You could say that about any player in this position, but yeah.

There’s been talk that Durant might take a two-year deal with an opt-out after the first year like LeBron James did with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  That option allows Durant to sign a new deal later on when the cap rises and also allows him to be a free agent with teammate Russell Westbrook.

The idea of a one-year deal had kind of been floated out there. What’s your thought process in terms of a shorter term deal can make you a lot more money down the road?

Durant: “It’s too soon, bro. I really haven’t thought about that. I’m sure I’ll talk to who I need to talk to to figure out the numbers and all that stuff that goes on.

Kevin, a lot of speculation that you guys had won the title, it would make your decision pretty pat just to stay. But some other people said, if you won a title, you might think, oh, my job is done. I might try something else. How does the lack of a title so far affect your decision?

Durant: Like I said, the most important thing for me is the type of people I’m going to be around every single day. If I’m enjoying playing basketball, that’s what I’m really — that’s the thing I really want to center everything around. I love my teammates here. I love playing basketball here. So that’s what’s important to me.

Obviously, winning a championship is what we all want to do, but at the same time, you want to be around good people. You want to be in a good environment with a good coach. That’s what’s most important to me.”

Teams of significance interested in Durant include the Warriors, Spurs, Heat, Rockets, Wizards, long-shot Knicks and of course his current team the Thunder.

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