The Indiana artist is facing major alleged rape charges overseas in Austria but is claiming his innocents.

This incident was said to have happened back in 2015. French outlet La Depeche reports that Freddie Gibbs was on the way to perform at a venue called Le Rex in Toulouse on Thursday night (June 2nd). He was wanted in Austria on a warrant issued for his arrest.

Gibbs is currently being held in custody in France, he went before the judge on friday while he awaits extradition to Austria.

Now Freddie Gibbs is denying the allegations that have been pinned against him by the Austria authorities but Freddie’s management stated in a recent Complex interview that

“It makes you wonder why it took almost a year for Austrian officials to bring these charges.”

Gibbs will be fighting these extradition request as these are nothing more then trumped up charges, This story is developing and we will bring you newer & more information.