ifwt_Kanye West MAIN

Kanye West was set to perform on the third night of the Governor’s Ball festival in NYC last night, but unfortunately, the severe rain and lightning forced promoters to cancel the entire day. Though he later popped up at Summer Jam with his G.O.O.D. Music crew, it was a surprise that fans didn’t know to buy tickets for – and more than likely, if they were were part of the group that were planning to see him at Governor’s Ball, they weren’t at Summer Jam…because you wouldn’t buy tickets to two concerts going on at the same time, now would ya?

In an attempt to make it up, Yeezy and the squad announced a pop-up show at Webster Hall in NYC for around 2AM (as our clubs don’t close until 4AM…hollaaaa.) Unfortunately, that didn’t work out very well, because the crowd got so big, the NYPD was forced to shut it down. So what do angry fans who got burned on a Kanye show twice in one night do at that point? You party…and vandalize sh*t. Check out what happened below.

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