ifwt_Drake x diddy

On Saturday night, Drake blessed his OVO Sound Radio show with a one-hour guest DJ set. In that time, he premiered three new records from himself, including Justin Bieber’s “One Dance” remix, his new collab with Gucci Mane and the solo record, “4pm In Calabasas.” It’s the latter that’s making the most noise by far.

You don’t need to hear the entire song to realize Drizzy is going IN on this record, seemingly finding the “inspiration” that Joe Budden was accusing him of lacking on Views on his now-infamous podcast episode. Joe himself noted this, tweeting “Sounded inspired,” while live-streaming Drake’s DJ set.

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So what is he saying that’s so note-worthy on the track? Well for starters, he appears to be taking multiple shots at Diddy – who if you’ll recall, he got into a scuffle with in Miami a while back.

Jabs at Puff include:

“Even had the OG’s tryna press me
No way out cause I’m already in it”


“Can’t nobody hold me down, especially not right now
Certain shit just too wild to reconcile
Take that, take that no love in they heart so they fake that
DiCaprio level the way they play that, damn nigga, what is that
Y’all don’t hear no songs then hit my phone like you did that”

Towards Joe, he references the time he was spotted on vacation with Tahiry:

“Y’all don’t hear no songs then hit my phone like you did that
And you even hit my line like where you been at
It’s always on some shit like when can I get a favor
Or where my bitch at, like I’m about to tell you where she been at
Costa Careyes, I got her kidnapped
She ain’t sorry and I ain’t sorry, it’s too late for sorry”

Joe has since responded and is seemingly loving the new music, and doesn’t appear to have any plans to diss him back. He does, however, encourage Diddy to do so. Judging by Diddy’s IG post around the same time though, he doesn’t seem to have that on his agenda. Check out the posts in the gallery.

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