Nick just won’t let go! After what many are considering Nick digging up some old beef with Eminem from 2009 by challenging him to a $100K rap battle, he now won’t sign the final divorce papers to let Mariah go. Could it be Nick has been reminiscing on the past too much?

Posted by: Frankie Zing

According to TMZ, sources say there’s no reason why Nick won’t sign the papers, he just won’t. Mariah is trying to get married to her billionaire fiancee, James Packer, but legally she’s still bound to Nick Cannon. Nick was the one who called for the divorce in the first place so that’s why everyone is shaking their heads a bit.

After the initial divorce filing, they managed to sign a property settlement as well as a joint custody arrangement for their five-year-old twins. Stay posted as the story progresses.