ifwt_Amber x Wiz

Earlier, we showed you footage of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa being pretty cozy at the strip club, leading us to get our hopes up once again that these two might finally get back together. However, it seems like they were celebrating the exact opposite of that – finalizing their divorce settlement!

Because of the pre-nup that Wiz had in place, Amber will walk away from the marriage with $1 million. Wiz has already paid $356k of that, so the balance is $644k. Amber will also get $14,800 a month in child support for Bash, while Wiz gets to keep his house in PA and 10 cars, including a ’69 Chevelle, a ’68 Camaro, a ’62 and a ’64 Impala and a Porsche.

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They can still get back together though, despite reaching a divorce settlement! Amber was all smiles on Wiz’s Snapchat just an hour ago, with the caption, “His mom.” I will not give up hope!

Source: TMZ