Vic Mensa becomes the latest rapper, to have a run in with United Airlines as they kick him off the flight for talking on the phone to a depressed fan, on his birthday.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Vic took to Twitter to vent his frustrations tweeting: “Thnx United for kicking me off my flight for talking to a depressed fan who needed help on the phone when the plane wasn’t even flying yet.”

The Roc Nation signee than asked his followers to tweet at United and tell them to “f*ck off for kicking Vic off his flight on his birthday #F*ckUnitedAirlines”

United got the message and tweeted back at Vic “Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you please DM us the details so we can better understand? ^FS”

Lol thank you for saying “f**k you? The tweets have since been deleted so I’m guessing they resolved the issue. Check the gallery above of the tweets as they were screenshotted before being deleted.