After admitting last year that she allows her husband 8 hall passes a year to cheat looks like Memphitz wont be getting any hall passes, well not from Toya at least.

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Toya recently confirmed that she will be getting a divorce from her husband Memphitz when she appeared on the Big Tigger show. After all the efforts to save their five year marriage especially appearing on Marriage Bootcamp,etc the couple will soon be untying the knot. I find it interesting that Toya is now starting to go through with her divorce after she was recently spotted with Lil Wayne in Vegas . I think Toya wants that old thing back! Although Toya is going through with decision, looks like Lil Wayne is being indecisive. He recently hinted that he’s still with Christina Millian on the song Hype remix. Will Lil Wayne and Toya get back together now thats she on the road to being super single? Or is he going to fix relationship issues with Christina Millian? Hmm, we will see!