Future is now being sued by a man who claims to have discovered him. Producer Rocko says he not only discovered Future but put him on game and then got stabbed in the back. He is currently suing Future for a breach in their 2011 contract. Apparently the two had a deal for Future to do 6 albums with his company A1 records.

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Future has now spoken. He has taken to Twitter to address the allegations that producer Rocko has thrown out. He makes fun of the comments saying he does not want Rocko to look like no baby mother, which to me sounds like a Ciara diss saying he doesn’t want Rocko to make a fool out of himself in court as his baby mother did. He advises Rocko to go back and re-think this whole lawsuit thing. Rocko has now fired back at Future saying its been a while since he’s been in court. He goes on to say he lets his lawyers do the work.

I mean, in other news, DS2 had gone platinum! Thats something to celebrate about! Congrats to Future.

Check out what Future and Rocko had to say in the gallery.


He says when Future caught a distribution deal with Epic, things turned. Rocko believes when Future cut the side deal with Epic, he received millions of dollars. He says he was left in the cold as Future owes him 20% for touring, endorsements, and more. He is asking for at least $10 million

Source: TMZ