Alexander Hamilton is the face of the ten-dollar bill but if you want to catch one of the great successes in recent theatrical history you will be dishing out way more then that. Although the show has only been out for ten months and counting, tickets are almost impossible to come by.


Most people are trying to best to snag last minute seats by camping outside the Richard Rogers Theater all day or by purchasing resold tickets on websites like Stub hub. To many fans disbelief those tickets are being listed for as much as $5,000 a piece. BUT there’s more! Don’t worry you wont have to worry about paying outrages prices to see a good performance for that much longer. ‘Hamilton‘ has a lot in store for the next couple years. In September there will be a Chicago production that will run indefinitely. There is also a plan for two separate North American touring productions: one that will begin in march in San Francisco, and one beginning in Seattle in 2018. How does this help us New Yorkers? With more productions being formed this will not only eventually decrease ticket prices but this will also give New Yorkers the opportunity to see the production elsewhere. All hope is not lost is all I’m saying.

here’s a look at the play, in case you’ve been under a rock;

Source: New York Times