Oh the streaming wars. The triple threat match that’s been going on between Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music continues as the originator hires a bigger name celeb to go up against the other big wigs that have been offering crushing blows to the company’s services.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Lady Gaga’s ex manager, Troy Carter, was just employed by Spotify as the “global head of creator services”. The streaming service’s brand has been eclipsed by Tidal’s superstar shadow, Jay-Z, and of course Apple snagging every pop star out there for a commercial or two. Enter Troy Carter.

Carter, 43 and a Philly native, helped jumpstart the careers of future platinum plaquees, Eve, Floetry and Nelly. His big break came when he managed the career of a then unfamed Lady Gaga, with her single “Just Dance” going diamond and selling 10 million copies, everyone in the industry learned who Troy Carter was.

Let’s see how Troy fares for Tidal as he took to Facebook to release his statement:

“I’m a firm believer that Spotify is the future for music. In my new role as Global Head of Creator Services, my job is just a natural continuation of what I’ve always done — protect the voice of artists. Always have and always will. Through Atom Factory, my team will stay in place to run our tech, culture and hustle outlet as well as launch a brand innovation agency. And through Smashd Labs and Cross Culture VC, I’ll still continue investing in great founders that have the ability to deliver next wave disruption to culture.”