Hot97’s Nessa has recently announced that her show has been officially syndicated. The show will now be streamed on @997NOW in the bay. This is awesome! As Nessa stated, dreams do come true…Especially to those who work.

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Nessa took to her Instagram to say,

IT IS HERE!!! My ultimate dream is something I live everyday being on the radio here on @HOT97 #NYC … NOW my dream got crazier I am NOW SYNDICATED!!!!!!!!! NOW I CAN ALSO BE HEARD ON @997NOW IN THE BAY!!! You know I had to come through and make it happen!!!! WTF You ready!?!! Do you know how hard we worked for this??!! For 10years I worked EVERYDAY, no days off ever. I never complained for wanting more without EARNING IT.
With the support of my Emmis family believing in me in every way, I AM SYNDICATED!!!! And we did it the right way with people who believe in this!
This one is for the hustlers, the ones who were given nothing but a fucken dream and a work hustle.

I got to shout out my fam for helping me, Cat Collins, Rick Cummings, @jimmysteal , @pioferro , Charlie, Michael Martin and of course @Jazzymix and Benztown for making this happen.

Sorry for the long post ya’ll. I’m so happy to be living this!!! To be doing this from the fucken floor up!!!!! To @mightykatrinab @queenkongie
Here we go muthafuckaz!!!! Told you hoes this hustle will never stop! Ever!

Congratulations Nessa!