Sheeran is currently being sued for his hit song “photograph.” He is being accused of copying the 2010 hit song “amazing,” sang by X Factor winner, Mark Cardle.

If you listen to the song, there is too many similarities between the two. 70% of the chorus of the song is the same and about 40% of the notes from the two songs were to similar. Its hard to accuse somebody for stealing a song, however, if the song is drastically similar, then a law suit can be put in place. Maybe its just safer now a days to turn over credit, even if you do not mean to copy parts of a song. It must be hard being a song writer because “nothing is really new under the sun.” Mark Cardle may end up winning this case because he does have attorney Richard Busch on his side, which won Marvin Gaye’s case against Pharrell Williams for copy rights back in 2013.