IFWT_Bieber fight

It looks like Justin Bieber learned a thing or two from hanging up with Floyd Mayweather but I bet he wishes the champ was around when he got into this fistfight with a guy much bigger than him on Wednesday night in Cleveland.

TMZ obtained video of Bieber, shot shortly after 11 PM, outside his hotel in downtown Cleveland, he was face-to-face with the guy, who threw a light blow at Justin’s head. That’s when Justin caught him with a right to his face and things get out of control.

Several people were standing nearby and tried to jump in, but the fight ends up spilling to the ground.

It’s unclear what started the fight. Bieber was in town for the game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors.  He was wearing a Cavaliers shirt so it could’ve been postgame trash talk or who knows what else…


Justin Beiber took to his Twitter account and posted pictures to show there’s no scratches, black eyes or anything else from his fight.

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