President Obama has made his choice. He is officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. Obama says he is ‘fired up’ for Clinton.

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Some people were saying after Obama met with Sanders that he was going to convince him to drop out of the race but I highly doubt that. After his meeting Sanders said,

“Let me begin by thanking President Obama and thanking Vice President (Joe) Biden for the degree of impartiality they established during the course of this entire process. What they said in the beginning is that they would not put their thumb on the scales, and in fact they kept their word, and I appreciate that very very much.”

Two people from Bernie’s camp said that Obama had signaled his endorsement pick after their meeting ended. Lets not forget, Hillary also endorsed Obama when he was in the same position as her. The White House claims Obama made a call to Hillary to congratulate her on “securing the delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic nomination for president.”

Donald Trump took to shade the endorsement by saying Obama only endorsed Hillary so that it could be four more years of him. Hillary responded telling Trump to delete his Twitter account. The tweet has since been deleted.

Source: CNBC