Muhammad Ali had a tremendous impact on the life of Mike Tyson and because of that, Tyson made sure to drop everything he had planned, just so he could arrive in time to be a pallbearer for Ali’s funeral, which will occur later today. Iron Mike took a red eye flight from Las Vegas late last night and is currently in Louisville for the services.


Ali family spokesman, Bob Gunnell, said Tyson wasn’t sure whether he would attend the service because of a prior commitment. He said Tyson was highly emotional when he learned of Ali’s death and wasn’t sure whether he could handle the emotions of Ali’s memorial.

Other pallbearers include former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, actor Will Smith and members of Ali’s family.

Tyson’s friendship with Ali goes back to the 80’s and it is very safe to say Ali is a major reason why Tyson even became a boxer to begin with. It’s great to see that he wanted to do whatever he could to be part of the services today.

Check out this old clip from the “Arsenio Hall” show back in 1989 and you can see the admiration they had for each other.