Looks like the guy who took credit for Justin Bieber’s epic WWE smack down is now claiming that he lied about the entire thing. Lamont Richmond has claimed that he has been receiving death threats from angry Beliebers he has also been fired from his job and now want’s to clear his name.

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Lamont Richmond has come forward to announce the he was NOT the man who tackled Justin Bieber to the ground after he began getting death threats from Beliebers from all around the world. Richmond has also made claims that he was fired from his job because of all of the attention he was getting surrounding the story.

Lamont inserted himself straight into the Justin fight controversy when he posted 16 second Snapchat video June 9th taking full credit for planting the Biebs into the pavement and explained what drove him to violence.

“Yo check, fool ran up on me. I was with the girls and we just asked him for an autograph. I don’t know about all the other stuff y’all are talking about. I got nothing else to say.”

Now Lamont is trying to clear his name after Beliebers are calling for his death! Aren’t Beliebers like 14-year-old middle school girls? Lol! You can’t even be serious right now.

TMZ posted the original content of the fight and Richmond told the site that

“Justin reeked of alcohol and started puffing his chest up, and then took a swing after Lamont’s friend wanted an autograph. He told the site he was positive that if he went full force, the 6’5″

Richmond even claimed he met with an attorney and planned to sue, but now he’s saying it was all a lie!

Smh. Looks like this was just a get quick rich scheme gone bad. Lamont Richmond you are truly an idiot. EPIC FAIL!

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