IFWT_Barack Obama
As we are all sad to know Barack Obama is leaving office in November because he’s served the maximum 8 years as president at a time. He made his last ‘Tonight Show’ appearance as the leader of the United States last night and didn’t disappoint us with his last Slow Jams.

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This time, President Obama took this time to reflect on his accomplishments throughout these 8 years he’s been our president. He also jokingly took a little jab at Republican nominee Donald Trump saying he was looking forward to watching his new favorite show “Orange is not the new Black”. He even showed us some of his rhythm when Rihanna’s “Work” game on and proceeded to dance.

Host Jimmy Fallon even gave Barack a few nicknames before he left. Names including “Bareezus”, and “Prez Dispenser”. The show ended with Roots’ Black Thought paying their respects to Barack singing “Once you go Barack, you will never go back”.