Mcdonalds is known for having lawsuits regarding nasty surprises such as razors or unsanitary things in their cheeseburgers; but recently this is not the case.

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At a Mcdonalds in Virginia, a customer the name of Dave Cook found a 20$ bill in the middle of the sandwich. He explained how he was biting down on the cheeseburger and he felt a “papery” taste which ended up being the 20$ bill. He did not want to let the associates of Mcdonalds know because he wanted to keep the 20$. As he noticed he was munching on a 20$ bill, so did other customers in that Virginia Mcdonalds. So it caused every one in the restaurant to check their food for monetary surprises as well. A few days later, he let the McDonalds know about the situation, in case anybody wanted their 20$ back.