After the Cavs/Warriors Game 3 in Cleveland the other night, Justin got into a fight with a much bigger guy and now we know why…

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Apparently after the game, the 6’5″ Lamont Richmond was with some lady friends and they asked him to see if Bieber would sign a couple autographs and take a picture with the girls. Bieber allegedly said “No autographs tonight…motherf***er!”

That’s when things get out of hand, leaving Bieber to land a closed fist on the guys shnauz and the bigger man tossing Bieber to the ground before it got broken up.

Richmond says Bieber reeked of alcohol and that he’s sure if he continued the fight he would have killed him without a doubt. Mr. Richmond already in fact met with a lawyer and plans to sue Bieber for something.

Peep the fight vids here and Justin also took to social media to reveal his perfectly unscathed face.