Down in Texas, a Police officer sexually assaulted an inmate in her cell after he arrest. After his bosses seen the video, offered her a taco instead of medical attention she claims.

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In La Joya, Texas, a $70 million dollar lawsuit was filed on May 27. This is coming two years after the accused action by the officer. The lawsuit contains the names of the attacker, Felipe Santiago Peralez, and eight of his current and former bosses, the City Administrator, and the city itself.

The woman prefers to remain pseudonymous was arrested for a probation violation. She claims that Peralez would demand her to move closer to the bars and tell her he would “make things right for her if she wanted to use the phone.”

Also in the lawsuit is what she described as “all-night invasion” of “brutal, sadistic, and invasive acts.”. She says Peralez would continually talk about his wife and his child at home. When she told him to stop because he would be caught on camera he said “There are no cameras and no one can hear you. La Joya is so poor, they have no cameras.” Obviously, he was wrong.

Lieutenant Ramon Gonzalez seen the tape the next day and did nothing about the situation.

“Gonzalez questioned plaintiff about the incident from the night before, obtained her statement, offered her a taco, declined her request for medical attention and released her to Penitas Police Officer Elizabeth Garza without offering her medical attention or counseling.”

It also claims that Garza ordered her to keep quiet and threatened her.

“Officer Garza advised her that she should forget all about the incident and go on with her life because ‘people come up missing all the time in the valley.'”