Looks like an Apple Store-Soho in New York City needs to upgrade their security. A man walked into the store and stole 19 iPhones and police said that this isn’t the first robbery in Manhattan. This will make it the third time New York City Apple Store has gotten got this year!

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A man dressed up as an Apple employee and strolled on into the computer repair room. He was able to lift 19 iPhone 6+s, that are valued at more than $16,000. For a technology company you’d think that they’d have top flight security systems. The man was able to get away by splitting the stolen merchandise to a regular dressed accomplice. The merchandise was smuggled out under their shirts and walked out. Back in March, 59 iPhones valued at $44,000 were stolen from the Upper West Side Store as well as 8 iPhones valued at $5,300 in February. Where was the security guards at? Clearly they need to increase it. Unless these were inside jobs, then management and security need to tag team.

Source: NY Post