You can say goodbye to the champ without having to be in Louisville today, thanks to the different live streams for the memorial service of Muhammad Ali. The procession has already begun and you can watch it now, along with the service which is scheduled to begin at roughly 2pm.


The motorcade will begin at the funeral home and head north onto the interstate. It will pause briefly as it overlooks the Muhammad Ali Center in the heart of downtown. His family has reportedly planned how this day would go for more than ten years.

The cars will head west onto Muhammad Ali Boulevard, pass the Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage and visit his childhood home on Grand Avenue. Then it will turn toward his final resting place. Officials predict a 90-minute tour.

Bill Clinton, Bryant Gumbel, and Billy Crystal will deliver eulogies. Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s senior advisor, will read a statement on Obama’s behalf. In addition, per Ali’s request, more speakers will include representatives of multiple faiths—Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Mormonism. The king of Jordan and president of Turkey will attend.

After that, Ali will be buried at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville. RIP to the greatest!