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Abortion is a very touchy subject in the United States and there are many people who are for it and then there are many who think abortion should be banned. Donald Trump is just one of many people who do not agree with abortion and has said that women who get abortions should be punished. GOP Lawmaker Ron Castorina is not for abortion either and he even said that abortion is the African-American genocide.

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GOP assemblyman Ronald Castorina called abortions the “African-American genocide” during an intense debate over a bill that would formally put federal abortion rights into state law.

“I urge my friends and colleagues in the African-American community to be very, very careful about this legislation, because we’re talking about African-American genocide. You hear me? But for Roe v. Wade, the African-American community would be 36 percent larger today.”

Castorina said.

Following that statement you could hear gasps and you could tell that other assembled lawmakers in the room were shocked.

Castorina’s comments started a parliamentary protest from Democrats in attendance as several lawmakers made use of a law that allows them to stand and ask Castorina to yield his time. Although Castorina refused to yield every time, the continued interruptions made it difficult for him to continue speaking. Castorina continued his speech but many Democrats got up and left in protest to the comments made.

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Source: Life News