The fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha has been apart of the Virginia Tech campus since 1973 making it the oldest black Greek fraternity at the school.Unfortunately, the historically known fraternity’s presence wont be seen for another decade due to reports of hazing behavior.

In a letter wrote by Alpha Phi Alpha’s attorney Frances B. Keene, she stated the reason behind the suspension of the chapter:

“It is more likely than not that Alpha Phi Alpha members engaged in hazing behavior that including [sic] both physical and psychological abuse of the candidates,” Keene wrote. “… I believe that members, including those that occupy leadership positions perpetrated the hazing behavior while others condoned the actions by their presence.”

Reports of Alpha Phi Alpha’s hazing behavior on the campus were made earlier this year in January. After investigating the reports, a decision was made to suspend the fraternity at the Blacksburg,Virginia campus until May 15th,2026.

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