John C. Reilly

I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of crazy fan tattoos but this one really takes the cake.

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John C. Reilly went on Conan recently and talked about several things, one of them was crazy fans who get tattoos of him. He told a story about how a girl asked him to sign his arm and immediately said she was going to get it tatted.

But none of that beats this. Yes, Step Brothers over the years has become cult classic but damn, how far are some of these fans willing to show love? This guy literally inked a tattoo of Will Ferrell (with the word “boats” below him) on his left cheek and John C. Reilly on the right cheek (with the word “hoes” below him).

Reilly, was of course mind-blown. He doesn’t approve lmao.

Check out his break down of the story below: