This story is kinda foul but also funny as hell at the same time. Michael Jordan is ruthless, which is something we already knew but man, what he did to Scottie Pippen for basically an entire season is down right ice cold.


ESPN’s Amin Elhassan told the story of how Jordan pretty much robbed Pippen of $100 per game until the end of the season. Elhassan was on Zach Lowe’s podcast “The Lowe Post” where he revealed that MJ set Scottie up with the help of the operations staff.

The Bulls had a segment that would be on the jumbotron during timeouts or breaks in play, which would be a race between three cartoon bulls. Each race would end with a fan winning a prize based on where they were sitting and which bull won. One day MJ got to the arena early and saw the staff doing a run-thru of the race before they showed it later during the game.

“Mike is watching this and says, ‘You guys already know (who’s going to win?’ And the guy says, ‘Yeah, it’s all pre-recorded,'” Elhassan said.

Jordan asked who was going to win that night and the staff told him it would be the red bull. “Fast forward, game, timeout, Phil’s drawing up some play, Mike goes to Scottie, ‘Hundred bucks the red one wins,'” Elhassan said.

He claims Jordan went on to do it for the rest of the season and Pippen never had a clue about what was going on. He was just amazed that Jordan always picked the right one. $100 per night was obviously nothing to these guys but the story is still hilarious.