Young Joc as usual had time today. The rapper and Love and Hip Hop cast member hopped in the comments section of comedian Maurice Stackz to check him about an IG post. The post was an image of Joc, allegedly one of Joc’s “sidehoes”, and the comedian in which the comedian captioned:

“Yo I aint Tryna jone or nothin, but why does #YoungJoc & his side hoe, look like a stud/fem relationship who’s getting thru hard times?”

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Joc wasted no time in producing a clap back. Joc clowned about how the comedian was just one of his fans about a day ago. The rapper said

“….You shoulda said that sucka shit while you was asking me to take a pic with ya…..”

He had alot more to say; check the comments and pic out above in the gallery.