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Jennifer Mulford, 36, reportedly quit her job to focus on breast feeding not her child but her 36-year-old boyfriend, Brad Leeson. Mulford wanted to start an “adult breastfeeding relationship” after she read about the bond breastfeeding can create between two people.

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Jennifer Mulford appeared on an Australian radio show “Matt & Meshel” and told the hosts that she tries to breastfeed her boyfriend every two hours adding that it leads to sex.

Mulford said that when she first shared the idea with Leeson she knew she had a ”partner for life.” She said they both wanted the same thing out of the relationship. They wanted a magical bond that only breastfeeding can achieve.

Mulford has not breastfed in about twenty years and says she induces lactation by dry-feeding her boyfriend and pumping her breast to fool her body into thinking that she has had a baby so it can produce milk.

Wow. That’s interesting. Jennifer and Brad I have got to say you two are weird as hell. What do you think? Comment below and let us know your thoughts?

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