What is going on with today’s generation! A group of four teenagers jumped a 21-year old woman on an A-Train. The subways seem to be getting more expensive by the year and more dangerous.

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A little over a week ago, another woman was attacked on the train. Now there has been yet another brutal beating. The rumble occurred Saturday morning in Brooklyn, on the Manhattan bound, A train. A 21-year old passenger was shoved, punched and kicked by not only one teenager but four. All of this over the passenger sucking her teeth. The woman was reacting to one of the teenagers bumping her inside of the train. Now if you’ve taken a ride on the New York City Subway system, you know how rowdy the youth can be and how crowded it could get. It doesn’t make any sense that the young ladies, felt a trigger just because of a noise. No respect for their elders whatsoever. After jumping the woman, they fled from the train at the next stop The victim only suffered some bruising, no major damage was done. I hope that the MTA, plans on increasing train safety before increasing fare prices.

Source: NY Daily News