Now that the dusk has settled from the horrific terror attack which took place at the Orlando night club, Pulse; horrific details and stories of the account are starting to emerge. One of these accounts is one of a parent going through their worst nightmare. In the middle of the night a parent was awakened by a text from their child who was in fear for his life. Text messages located in the gallery after the jump.

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The chilling accounts of the horrifying events that took place earlier in the morning at Club Pulse of Orlando continue to pile up. Earlier this morning a shooter opened fire in the popular LGBT club. At first details were scarce. However, as the hours go by more and more details emerge. Details such as the shooter being a security guard and a registered gun owner. An account by the parents of one of the victims alone is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck touch the sky. Imagine a loving parent being awakened by text messages from their child saying he is in fear for his life.

Adding to the pandemonium the child tells you that he is in the bathroom hiding because there is a mass shooting going on in the club he is attending. Imagine having to go thru that situation, a situation everyone keeps in the back their mind as a possibility that it can occur, but no one ever truly expects to be placed in. It seems like daily there is a mass shooting in America. Stop the violence. Prayers to all of the victims of gun violence and there loved ones. Pray for Orlando, Pray for America.

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