IFWT_StacyDash endorsing Trump

Damn Dash! Back at it again with the conservative BS! Stacy Dash always knows the wrong thing to say. Today she took to Instagram to give her condolences to the LGBT community, but as usual the condolences were delivered in a distasteful manner. The hate filled post began with the trolling of President Obama, asking the president the condescending question,

“Is he an Islamic terrorist?”.

Well users, like most of the world, are sick of Stacey Dash, are not having it, and have began to clap back.
Its crazy how someone so beautiful on the outside can be so ugly within. Screenshots of post and comments located in the gallery after the jump.

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The post has already upset many as it is clear that Dash is only using the tragedy to garner attention. In the post she blasts president Obama and alleges that the shooter voted for the president. This is obviously a ploy to make the president seem as if he is a terrorist sympathizer. She asks:

“Mr. President this man voted for you, is he an Islamic Terrorist?”

She then finished the statement by adding:

“This atrocity would not go unanswered under President Trump I promise!!”

People were not having it and made sure to let Stacy dash know about herself by leaving some critiques in her comments section.

One Instagram-er said:

“How dare you, a small minded Aint Sh*t woman talk in such a ignorant manner towards something so big that happened to people that lost thier lives this morning.”

So sad that a woman, once so respected in the African American community has resorted to publicity stunts such as this. Stacy Dash, do the world a favor, sip on some gorilla glue and shut up indefinitely beloved.