The miseducation…or the misunderstanding? Teachers and parents should have saw the signs way back when for this ‘troubled’ kid, before he went on the deadliest mass shooting in U.S history.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Back in 5th grade Omar Mateen threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot up the building, according to multiple former classmates. No one received the threat as a joke and it was taken seriously, which led to young Omar being suspended for 2 weeks. Ok I know what you might be thinking…how could anyone tell he would eventually going on a killing spree when he got older? Well, it gets worse…

Classmate Leslie Hall doesn’t recall what exactly prompted the threat, but does remember her mom having multiple meetings with the school faculty about Mateen’s constant bullying of her and other students.

Mateen’s undisciplined behavior continued throughout middle school and in high school on 9/11, he would brag that Osama Bin Laden was his uncle..

TMZ reached out to Mariposa Elementary’s school district and they did not want to comment. Rest in peace to all those lives lost and families effected??

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