Only a celebrated few have managed to cross to and fro between professional athletics lines and do it well…Bo Jackson immediately comes to mind, maybe Neon Deion Sanders…but what about NBA turned NFL? Nope.

Nate Robinson, former point guard for NY, Boston, OKC, and GSW to name a few, told us a few months ago that it was his goal to be the first NBA turned NFL player ever. It seems that he got that chance with the Seattle Seahawks in his home state.

According to his super-agent, Aaron Goodwin, the first ever three time slam-dunk champion would much prefer to play in the NBA…but he is definitely open to the NFL.

“He’s a world class athlete and just wants the opportunity to continue to play.”

Just so you know…Robinson was a defensive back in college at The University of Washington and Seattle has not made any promises…yet.