A predominately white school in Texas is now facing a lawsuit after the family of a 12-year-old girl claims that her classmates wrapped a rope around her neck and began to drag her. The school is claiming that the incident was an accident.

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The lawsuit says that the girl who is going by “K.P.” to protect her name, had been bullied on many occasions by her classmates. During a school trip, K.P. was using a tree swing when she felt the rope around her throat. Attorney Levi McCathern says,

“I asked for $3 million, and there are a lot of reasons for it. I think part of it is to compensate the victim, part of it is trying to send a message that we have to protect these defenseless kids up at school, and I think part of it is to punish the school for not taking care of the kids and following through with responsibilities to notify parents when they have a student that is seriously injured.”

K.P.’s mother says no one contacted her about the injury. She saw it as she came to pick her child up from school. Live Oak’s attorney David Deaconson says this whole thing was an accident.

Anyone can allege anything they want to in a lawsuit no matter how inaccurate those allegations may be. The internal investigation conducted by the school’s attorney includes interviews with students, teachers and chaperones, and the results of these interviews and an inspection of the swing indicate the injuries suffered by the student were solely the result of an accident. Live Oak Classical School has cooperated with law enforcement from the beginning and continues to cooperate with the independent investigation being conducted by Blanco County Sheriff’s Office. Live Oak looks forward to receiving the results of that investigation, as it believes the investigation will confirm Live Oak’s position that the injuries were solely the result of an unfortunate accident. The school will wait on the results of the investigation by Blanco County SO. Live Oak Classical School continues to stand behind the facts of this case and will not participate in the spreading of untruths and misinformation about its students or the school. The student remains in the thoughts and prayers of the Live Oak community.

In the video, as K.P. retells the story, she says no one seemed too bothered about the injury. The principal labeled it a ‘little rope burn’ and said she would be fine!

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