Muhammad Ali’s daughter Rahshida has two sons. Biaggio and Nico. They seem to be athletes in their own right. One is a star HS football player and his younger brother is taking after his grandfather in the boxing ring.

Biaggio Ali Walsh, the older brother is 17 and loves his team sport of football and has even just signed a modeling contract with huge agency that also represents major talent; Wilhelmina. He really is so very handsome, and he even looks like his grandpa who he lovingly refers to as Poppy. Remember when Muhammad and Snoop watched their babies play together?

The younger brother Nico is a boxer, but doesn’t want anyone to think that he’s trying to emulate his grandfather in any way. He’s becoming his own boxer at 14 and looking to have his first amateur fight soon.

Good luck gentlemen.

Check the gallery for some family pics.