What would you do in this scenario? Your significant other that you’ve likely been sleeping with for some time hits you with a bombshell – they’re HIV positive! WHAT?! Basically, they’ve been putting YOUR health at risk by not giving you the option to know sooner and take the proper measures to protect yourself.

So, in a fit of rage, you hit them with your car (maybe not the smartest decision, but hey…I get it…) and now you’re charged with attempted murder, leaving the scene and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, because your neighbor’s security cameras caught it all on tape. Man!

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The suspect in question is Misty Lee Wilke of Phoenix, AZ, and the incident occurred on April 29. She reportedly waited in the vehicle for the victim to arrive home later in the day. Hospital documents report that he survived, but suffered a fractured vertebra and a serious head injury. Misty has been appointed a public defender.

I wonder how this will go! Is it considered self defense in a way? A crime of passion? None of the above and she’s screwed for life? Will he get charged for not disclosing the HIV status earlier?! Did he perhaps just find out himself?! So many questions!

Source: Vlad