The buzz in the digital sports world the past 24 hours or so has been the fact that someone noticed the website “CryingJordan.Com” is currently redirecting to the Cleveland Cavaliers website. At first glance it may look like the owner of the domain was throwing shots at the Cavs, as they are likely to wind up with all types of memes showing their players with the crying Jordan face if they lose game 6 or a possible game 7. After a little bit of reading however, the person who owns the website seems to mix things up with where the site goes and apparently he forgot what redirect he had set it up for.


The crying Jordan face has become a big part of the sports world and social media in general over the past couple years. Someone was smart enough to purchase the domain name and has been having some fun with it since.

Nobody really gave the website much attention until yesterday when everyone noticed the shot being thrown at the Cavs as the site directed to their team site. Turns out though, Troy Machir, who owns the site, doesn’t give much thought to where the site goes and changes it every so often. He explained how it wound up being linked to the Cavs.

“Since I have yet to build an actual page, I just change the redirect every few days to whatever team is currently “peak Crying Jordan” But I haven’t changed it in a few days, so it’s probably from one of the Finals losses. I had it on Nick Saban’s homepage for a while during the Harbaugh vs. Saban beef”.

So there it is. Still funny but not really malicious towards the Cavs themselves. If Cleveland can win game 6 tonight, all those crying Jordan’s may wind up wearing Warriors jerseys.

USA Today