Laura Govan has had an ongoing beef with her estranged husband, Gilbert Arenas, for a long time now. Maybe she got tired of just beefing with him because she decided to also attack her sister with claims that she was sleeping with her husband behind her back. Gilbert himself was quick to shoot that down, as well as Matt Barnes, who has been in the picture with the Govan’s for years thanks to his marriage to Gloria. Last night, Gloria decided to respond herself and it’s safe to say there won’t be any family gatherings anytime soon.


First, here is Laura throwing dirt on her sister’s name, saying she basically had to hook Gloria up with Matt Barnes years ago just so she would stop sleeping with her husband Gilbert.

I mean if that situation was true that is pretty crazy but with all of them denying it and Laura not having a good track record of telling the truth, it looks like a weak attempt by her to just deflect attention from herself. Airing out family business to he public is never a good look and that was something Gloria focused on in her response via Instagram. (Check the gallery)

Soooooo we’re spreading LIES about family on social media now? ?? not sure how or why any of these unsolicited malicious lies started. Let me clear the record in case you haven’t already seen @no.chill.gil posts. I have never slept with Gil!!! And whether or not you agree with my relationship or not that’s not your place to comment on it. Especially not publicly. I know we’ve had our disagreements, our fights, our arguments. But we’re sisters. We’re family. That’s what we do. BUT this? Dragging not only me but our entire family into the mud as if we weren’t raised under the same roof by the same parents. That’s new to me?!? Our kids have IG pages. Our nieces and nephews have IG pages. Is this how you want to represent not only yourself but our family? If that’s the case. That’s Alllllll you. I want no part in it. You have my number, my address, my email, my DM. If you want to talk I’m here!!!! #nuffsaid #highroad #toogrown #bloodisthickerthanwater #RUOK?#defendmyself

Gloria is no saint herself, especially with how her own private issues played out with Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher but Laura just seems to be reaching for anything here to keep her name relevant. Hopefully we won’t have to hear nonsense about them for much longer.