Earlier this month, Deion Sanders’ son, was accused of beating the crap out of a school attendant and causing him to have spinal surgery. Can you see my face? Well, Deion claims that the dude is lying and the security footage will exonerate Shihlo.

The school’s insurance company had to pay out $26K for medical bills for John Darjean…a man that Deion says he used to work with back in the day coaching HS basketball. So the insurance company is suing Deion and ex Pilar claiming they “knew his son had a history of wreckless conduct and did nothing to curb his behavior“. Seriously, we can all guess that celebrity kids are spoiled, but how can you prove that inside a home, behind closed doors that a parent did nothing to curb behavior. I cannot wait for this to play out.

On another note, I mean, look at all the crap these poor kids have gone through. I’m absolutely not condoning bad behavior, I’m just saying how can you be shocked.