Apparently Ayesha Curry didn’t learn much from last night and her twitter fingers are still going. She must’ve been watching “First Take” on ESPN this morning because she was quick to respond to comments that Stephen A Smith made in regards to her actions compared to those of Lebron’s wife, Savannah. Mrs. Curry did not appreciate what Smith was saying and she let him know about it.


Smith was not disrespectful in any type of way as he explained how he thinks Ayesha can hurt Steph when she says things on twitter and made a comment referring to her “getting out of pocket”.

Smith went on to compare how Savannah James keeps herself out of the spotlight and would never do anything to potentially hurt Lebron. He also accurately explained that if it was in fact Savannah who was talking crazy on twitter, or if it was Bron who lost his cool on the court the way Steph did, that the media would be crucifying the James family even more harshly.

His intentions were not to pit Savannah against Ayesha but it is kind of how it came across. Ayesha has been used to getting nothing but love during Steph’s rise to stardom so receiving negative backlash is something new to her and she is not handling it well. Check the gallery for her response to Stephen A. She is definitely entitled to respond when she is being talked about but at this point maybe she should give social media a break for a few days.

Of course, Stephen A had a response to her response