The world knows Riley Curry as the adorable daughter of Steph & Ayesha Curry, who likes to take over press conferences and charm her way into our hearts. But what if I told you Riley Curry on twitter is not the loveable little princess but is in fact a 29 year old man from Nashville, Tennessee.


The adult Riley barely ever uses his twitter account and has had it before the younger Riley was even born, so this wasn’t some slick way of trying to get his followers or mentions up. In fact, he tweeted last week for the first time in a while to simply address all the notifications he gets when people think they are tweeting a three year old.

“People tweet horrible things at me thinking I am @StephenCurry30 daughter. I am a 29 yr old man. Social media can be so awful. @MikeAndMike”

Thanks to a retweet from Mike & Mike, the message went viral and brought attention to all the nasty things people really can say thinking they are talking to a little girl.

Most tweets that mention Riley are nice but there are some really horrible ones as well and Dime Mag found a bunch of them. Check the gallery! It’s funny that regardless of the tone of their tweets that people would think a three year old girl has a twitter account to begin with.